Thursday, February 24, 2011


natural beauty

The law as it is currently written allows virtually anything to be incorporated into a cosmetic.       Stephen Sundlof

After every shower, I mix up a palmful of Weleda Calendula Baby Oil and Lotion  and smooth it over my arms and legs.  Ah, yes..we’ve been advised to do this, right?  Directly after one’s ablutions, slather moisturizer on for maximum absorption...and hope for the best.  
I decided to check out everything that I put on my body.  (After all, I’ve sleuthed everything I put into my body.)  I had a bad feeling about this.  I was right.
I ended up (very quickly, I might add) at  the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database.  I started searching away.  I discovered that my trusty Weleda baby unguents posed a moderate hazard to my health.  (As for the babes...has that ship sailed?  I was going to write poor babes.  Perhaps a bit too incendiary?  Like...we’re lovingly wrapping our little ones, fresh from the bath, in a hazardous chemical?  Um, the answer to that is, most likely, yes.) 
(BTW, the EWG’s cosmetic safety score for Weleda’s Calendula Baby Oil and Lotion are 4 and   5 respectively....a score of between 3 and 6 is representative of a moderate hazard to the user.  Hmm.  Is there anything moderate about a hazard?  I always thought that it was an all or nothing proposition.)
What next?  
The good news.. and, I’d like to keep adding to the good news...

rms beauty

I’ve been using Rose Marie Swift's products for over year and I love them.  Effortless and cool and a good way.  

rose marie swift

the one

raw coconut cream
it does everything
(you could add it to your smoothie)

and this...this is the best thing ever

rms living luminizer
goes everywhere

like this


or this

camel safari

you can put the luminizer (or any rms product) on without a mirror
i know
i've done it


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  1. Dear Reddlemansblog,

    Thanks for the information! Who knew about Weleda! I like to use Spectrum Organic Apricot oil on my skin--just a small amount! Rose Marie Swift products sound great, too. And pure.