Thursday, February 17, 2011


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First things first, right?
Driving around at seven in the morning, I don't really want to be wearing black out shades.  I mean, I gotta see. 

I've been wearing a pair of old Balmain sunglasses for this purpose.

They have absolutely nothing to say for themselves.  (Tinted?  Not so much. They do not protect my eyes from sun or wind or rain... or much of anything.)

They are divine.  (I hope that I never sit on them.)

Prices: (amazing, spectacular prices) from Top to Bottom

HAN: Cola Wolfgang Sunglasses $168.00  (Okay.  NOT on sale.  Just really pretty.)

XRAY: Brown BS302 Frames $19.80  (See?  What 'id I tell you?)

XRAY: Black XR1101 Frames $19.80

XRAY Brown XR1103 Aviators $19.80


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  1. This is great, timely, for me as I just sat on my glasses in the car THIS MORNING, and they were too dark anyway!